Tennis, Anyone?

Tennis for Everyone!

Weekday Classes, Monday through Thursday Mornings

1a) 6/25-6/28                     1b) 7/2-7/5

2a) 7/9-7/12                        2b) 7/16-7/19

3a) 7/23-7/26                     3b) 7/30-8/2

4a) 8/6-8/9                          4b) 8/13-8/16

5a) 8/20-8/23                     5b) 8/27-8/30
Four 45-min. classes begin at 9:15, 10:15, 11:15, 12:15 & 1:15
M/$50/week, $75/NM


Friday & Saturday Junior Tennis Camps will be held:

1) June 29-30

2) July 13-14

3) Aug. 3-4

4) Aug 17-18

Elementary ages   6-10   9:30-11:00 ($15/day)

Middle School ages   11-15   11:00-1:00 ($20/day)


Evening Private Lessons Available
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 5:00-8:00

Steve Walters, USPTA Elite Tennis Professional

USTA High Performance



Spring News 2018

Opening Day May 13 
Spring Pool Hours – *During practice one lap lane plus ‘free-play’ areas will be available for non-team usage.

Monday thru Friday    Open Swim  2:30 – 8:30 pm          Swim Team  4:30 – 7:15 pm*
Saturday  Open Swim 12 – 8:30 pm
Sunday     Open Swim 12 – 8:30 pm

Spring Adult Laps    Monday thru Friday     2:30 – 4:30 pm   and 7:15 – 8:30 pm
Extra lanes will be available during these times   Please call after 7pm – we may close early.


Membership is defined as up to two adults and their dependent children with all members residing in the same household. Membership does not include other relatives or their children even if residing with the member. A one-time summer guest fee of $250 for full summer use is available for others residing in or visiting your home.

Guest Passes
Your first year, you are gifted with 10 guest passes. After that, they are earned by attending the general meeting (5), paying early (10) or working at fall or spring work parties (10 for every 4 hours worked, ages 14 & up).

Swim Team  Schedule subject to change dependent upon age group numbers at close of registration.
Spring afternoon practices begin May 14. Summer a.m. practices begin June 25. Daily, Monday through Friday.
Spring                                               Summer13/14 year olds & Seniors:          4:30-5:30 pm                                         7-8 am
11/12 year olds:                            5:15-6:15 pm                                         9-10 am
Speedy Sixers:                              5:30-6:15 pm                                         9-9:45 am
7/8 & 9/10 year olds:                    6:15-7:15 pm                                         8-9 am

Guests / Parties / Private Parties      Party reservation forms are available in the pool office or via email.
1. Members may bring up to 9 guests, using guest passes or paying the single rate, during open hours without notice. If you’d like to make a reservation for a small group, you may do so by filling out a rental agreement and paying a deposit.
2. If a member wishes to bring 10-39 guests, the staff must be notified ten days in advance*, a rental agreement must be filled out and a deposit paid. *This allows us to schedule sufficient staff.
3. Parties of 40 or more must reserve the pool for a private rental. Private rentals are held during times that the pool is not open to members and must be scheduled with the General Manager at least ten days in advance, a rental agreement must be filled out and a deposit paid.

Pool Rules* –
* Seattle Public Health and our Insurance Company require that all members read the pool rules.

Pool By-Laws

Contact Us – 206-551-9440 or

Pool Rules 2018

Lakeridge Swim Club Pool Rules 2018  (Policies, Procedures and No-Nos)   

These rules have been established by the Board of Trustees of Lakeridge Swim Club to assure safe operation of the pool facilities for the protection and benefit of all members and guests.
These rules may be amended from time to time. Please keep this notice available during the season for ready reference. Feel free to advise staff of any suggestions for rules.

Safety & Security
1. The General Manager, the Assistant Manager, and the Lifeguards shall be in charge of the activities of all members and guests on the pool property.
2. Members shall be responsible for damage to club property by their families or their guests. Members are responsible for guest behavior and adherence to all pool rules.
3. The club is not responsible for loss of personal property. Do not leave valuables unattended or in locker rooms.
Do not leave anything visible in your car – lock things in your trunk or leave them at home.
4. Only on-duty employees are allowed in the office or in the filter/chlorine rooms.
5. Smoking or ‘vaping’ is not allowed on pool property. This is to provide a smoke-free facility for our membership, and to comply with Washington State Law.

Swimming Rules
1. The Lifeguards control all safety matters, regardless of the rules. Listen to them and obey their requests.
2. The Manager or Lifeguard has the right to remove any swimmer for inappropriate conduct or actions. Disciplinary actions may be enforced if verbal warnings are issued and not followed:   Time out of the pool; Out of pool for the rest of the day; Suspended for a week.
3. Inappropriate behavior, profanity, disrespect or non-family-friendly behavior may result in being denied use of the facilities.  Dangerous behaviors will not be allowed at any time.

Babies, Small Children & Kids Under 18
1. All children wearing a disposable swim diaper are required to wear snug-fitting, re-usable swim pants over the diaper.
Children under 4 (and those not potty-trained) MUST wear both a disposable and a re-usable swim diaper. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

* Be sure to let guests know of this policy. Swim diapers are available in the office for $10.00.
2. Children age 13 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (age 18 and over) at all times.
3. Members under the age of 18 are limited to four (4) guests at one time unless accompanied by a responsible adult age 18 or over.
4. Guest passes expire at the end of each swim season and are not transferable to other accounts.
5. Hourly Pool-Clears may be called for staff safety & rest breaks. Children under the age of 10 and their parents will be asked to clear the pool in order to take a break, use the restroom and give parents an opportunity to check and change babies’ diapers.

Guest Rules
Guests must be accompanied by a member at check-in and pay the $7.50 guest fee, or use a guest pass. Discounted guest passes are available in books of 10 for $60.00.
Due to insurance regulations, guest fees are required whether or not the guest uses the pool or tennis facilities, including babies and grandparents.
Each child guest will be issued a wrist-band to signify their swimming ability. Phone numbers for children whose parents are not in attendance must be provided
a. Strong swimmers will receive a wrist-band allowing full pool usage.
b. A ‘Non-swimmer’ (or a child who has not passed the swim test) must stay where they can stand with their head above water AND be within arm’s-reach of an adult.
All ‘Non-swimmer’ children (members & non-members) must be WITH an adult in deep water.

Swim Test
Children with a “Non-swimmer” wristband must pass a swim test to be allowed in the deep water unattended.
1. The test consists of swimming one (1) length of the pool without stopping or gaining assistance.
2. Please see office staff to take the test, not a lifeguard currently on duty.
Swim Aids

Due to insurance regulations, artificial swimming aids are not allowed, i.e. life jackets, water wings, kick boards, flotation bathing suits, ‘noodles’, wet or dry suits, etc.
Face masks, snorkels and flippers are allowed if they are used properly.
Kick boards and pull buoys may be used in the lap lanes only.

Lap Lanes
Please do not swim thru lap lanes to gain access to steps – collisions hurt!
Courtesy rules – Alert those already swimming you’ll be joining. Two may split a lane, three or more circle swim, please.
1.  Lap lanes are for lap swimmers only.
2. During summer hours, from 5-7 p.m., lap lanes are for adult swimmers and swim team only, as needed.
3. Please ask office staff if another lap lane is needed, not the lifeguards currently on duty in the chair.

1. If a member wishes to bring 10-39 guests, the staff must be notified ten days in advance, a rental agreement must be filled out and a deposit paid.
2. Parties of 40 or more must reserve the pool for a private rental. Private rentals are held during times that the pool is not open to members and must be scheduled with the General Manager at least ten days in advance, a rental agreement must be filled out and a deposit paid.

Tennis & Pickleball
Tennis and pickleball lessons and tournaments have priority over regular play.
2. Reservations can be made in the office. Reservations may expire within 10 minutes after the hour if a “no show” and forfeits their reservation. Each member family is limited to one reservation per weekend.
3. Please keep court area clean – no food on courts, especially no pop or gum.
4. Sportsmanlike conduct is required at all times and children under 10 must be supervised.
5. Playing time is limited to two sets or one hour. Please clear the court if anyone is waiting to play.
6. Do not try to retrieve lost balls from over the neighbor’s fence.
7. Only four people per court are allowed. Those not playing must be outside the court areas.
8. Do not climb over, lean on or strike net. Do not strike court surface with racquet or any other object. Members are responsible for damage incurred by their guests.

Cleanliness & Sanitation
1.  Shower with soap before entering the pool.
2. No shoes, food or drinks are allowed in the pool or gutter areas.
3. No gum chewing on the pool deck or in the water.
4. NO GLASS containers of any type allowed anywhere on pool grounds. Ever.
5. No alcohol is allowed on the pool premises during normal operating hours. LSC is not a liquor licensed facility. A ‘banquet permit’ and manager permission are required for after-hour parties.
6. Tables and BBQ grills are shared by all. Please clean grill and table area for next guest use, pick up all your debris and place in the garbage and recycle cans.
7. Persons with skin abrasions, colds, inflamed eyes, ear discharges, infections or bandages are not allowed in the pool.  NO BAND AIDS allowed.
8. Spitting, blowing the nose, or depositing any foreign matter into the pool is prohibited.
9. Proper bathing suits are required. ‘Brazilian’ or thong-type swimsuits are not allowed.
10. No one is allowed to be nude, in the water or on deck, regardless of age. Diapers must be changed in the locker room. Changing tables are provided in both the mens’ and the womens’ restrooms.
11. No radios shall be used except when connected to earphones so that it is audible to the individual user only.
12. No children over the age of 6 permitted in the opposite gender’s restroom. Parents, please check on your children if they seem ‘delayed’ while using the restroom.
13. Park all bicycles in bike area. No riding of bicycles or other vehicles on the pool deck or tennis court.
14. No pets allowed within the fenced area. If your pet waits for you outside the fence, please clean up after it.

1. Dive Tank:
a. One person at a time and one bounce only allowed on diving board.
b. Dive from board straight off the end. Do not dive towards side wall.
c. Flips and back dives are for experienced divers only.
d. Swim directly to ladder after diving, and exit pool at ladder or on ladder side wall.
e. Do not swim under the diving board, hang on the board or exit pool from back dive tank wall.
2. Only foot-first entries in 3-5 foot areas. No head-first diving unless in dive tank.
3. Lane lines are markers only – please do not sit or pull on them. Please go under rather than over them.
4. Running, wrestling, dunking or other horseplay is prohibited. “Chicken-fights”, sitting on, or diving from another’s shoulders are not allowed. The staff has the right to restrict games and the use of equipment in the swimming pool. Squirt guns and water balloons are not allowed.
5. No sitting or floating on balls.
6. Balls are allowed in the shallow end only. NO throwing of objects, including balls, to persons using the diving board. Throw balls from in the water only, not from the deck. Do not hang from the basketball hoop or net.
Baby Pool – Parents are responsible for requesting ‘the hat’ signifying they are the baby pool ‘attendant’, and willing to provide supervision prior to using the baby pool. (We can explain how this works.)
7. Kick boards and pull buoys are not allowed in the wading pool.
8. Do not talk to or distract lifeguards on duty unless in an emergency.
9. In case of emergency, the pool will be cleared by the lifeguard by three sharp blasts of the whistle.

Swim Lessons, 2018

Swim Lessons – 2018

Classes held Monday thru Friday at
10:15, 10:45, 11:15, 11:45 & 12:15 with ten 30-minute lessons per session.

Member sign-ups begin on Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm.
Non-member sign-ups begin on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at noon.

You may sign up for any and/or all sessions at the beginning of summer and we will assess and move your child to the correct level as they progress. Reserve time slots now for later in the season.

Session 1       6/25 – 7/6
Session 2       7/9– 7/20
Session 3       7/23 – 8/3
Session 4       8/6 – 8/17
Session 5       8/20 – 8/31

Members, $70/session; Non-members, $95

F.A.Q.   How does sign-up work?
First you come to the pool and sign-up for Session, Level and Time Choices, then we  make the class schedule. This way we don’t end up with the wrong number of spaces for students and almost eliminate wait-listing your child for a class.
What does that mean for me? You won’t sign up for exact classes, but rather which
2-week session, class level (determined with staff input), and time (1st and 2nd choice).
What if I sign up for the wrong level? We move kids to the correct level as they progress. You can sign up for multiple two-week sessions knowing that we’ll put your swimmer where they’ll be comfortably encouraged to improve their skills.
I’m a non-member – how long can I hang out at the pool? You can plan to arrive up to 15 minutes before class time and we need you depart grounds 15 minutes after your swimmer’s class is over.

End-of-Season 2017

Fall Hours

Mon – Thurs     3:00-8:00
Friday                3:00-9:00
Saturday         12:00-9:00
Sunday            12:00-8:00

Sat       Sept 16            Last Swim Day for 2017

Sun      Sept 17            Fall Work Party 10-2

Hours & How to Get Here

Summer Hours through Sept 3rd:

Mon – Fri   1:00-9:00
Saturday  11:00-9:00
Sunday     12:00-9:00

AM Laps have ended for the season

Thurs  Aug 17            Water Polo (Pool Closes @ 4pm)

Labor Day   Monday, Sept 4  Open 10-8

        Turf & Surf Zumba BBQ

Spend Labor Day at the pool !
10:00-10:50 Zumba with Kam and Dawn on the tennis courts
11:10-12:00 Aqua Zumba with Cristina
Guests, $6/per person – Families welcome to enjoy the dancing and the pool
Bring:  A dish to share & all the dancin’ fools you know.

Tues    Sept 5              Fall Hours Begin

Mon – Thurs    3:00-8:00
Friday               3:00-9:00
Saturday         12:00-9:00
Sunday            12:00-8:00

Sat       Sept 16            Last Day for 2017

Lakeridge Swim Club is located in the Lakeridge neighborhood immediately south of Seattle near Lake Washington.

The club consists of 275 member families and operates a six-lane 25-yard outdoor pool with attached dive tank. The pool is open from mid-May through mid-September. The club provides swim lessons to members and non-members and sponsors a club swim team. Club facilities also include a tennis court, with opportunities for tennis lessons.

Mailing Address
PO Box 78647
Seattle, WA 98178


Driving Directions to Lakeridge
11433 76th Ave. S.
Seattle, 98178

• From North – Mt.Baker/Lakewood/Seward Park
Head south on Seward Park Ave S or on Rainier Ave S
From the interesection of Seward Park Ave S & Rainier Ave S,
continue south on Rainier Ave S for about 1 mile
Veer right (south) up Cornell Ave S; go 0.9 miles
Turn left (east) onto S. 114th St; go 0.1 miles
Take the first right (south) onto 76th Ave S
Pool is two blocks ahead on the right
Park on street in front or in lot in back

• From South – Renton (or I-405)
Head north on Rainier Ave to Renton Ave
(stoplight intersection with McDonalds on SW corner)

From Renton/McDonalds/Rainier Ave:
Turn left (west) onto Renton Ave Ex (which becomes Renton Ave S)
Continue up the hill through Skyway for 1.7 miles
Turn right onto 74th Ave S; go 0.4 miles
Turn right (east) onto S. 114th St; go 0.1 miles
Take the first right (south) onto 76th Ave S.
Pool is two blocks ahead on the right
Park on street in front or in lot in back

To help relieve neighborhood congestion, please park in the upper parking lot.
DO NOT park in marked fire lanes, staff parking by side gate
or in the dead-end section of 76th Ave beyond pool driveway.
DO NOT leave valuables visible in your car.

To get to Lakeridge on Metro

From Renton Center or Rainier Beach, take the #107 to S. 114th St. & Cornell Ave S
Walk down the hill on 114th to 76th Ave S, turn right and the pool is ahead on the right.

Lakeridge Water Polo

Seattle Summer Water Polo League


We encourage all boys and girls to come out and participate in the great sport of water polo. Boys and girls of all ages and abilities are encourage to participate (please feel free to come down and try it out anytime). We try to have as much fun as possible as we try to get in good shape and work on skills necessary to compete at water polo. If you don’t know much about the sport, it is a great team sport similar to soccer except instead of running and kicking you swim and throw the ball into a goal. Kids who love other sports, particularly basketball, soccer and baseball, usually have a great time playing water polo. We have various age groups, with both coed and girls teams as we compete against other SSSL swim clubs. Currently, we have 12 clubs participating.  Although we have introduction practices in July, our main season is in August between, the end of swimming and Labor Day.  We will need as many kids as possible to get involved so feel free to invite your any of your friends and teammates from other sports to join in as well.


Monday, July 3rd                                               8:30-10 AM                         All Ages

Sundays, July 9th – 30th                                    10:30am-12 noon              All Ages

If anyone would like a private or small group intro I’m also available most days to stop by and introduce you to the game.


We start regular daily practices and games as soon as the All City Swim Championship Meet is completed.  Due to the relative shortness of the season, we start right away with games in the first  week. The younger kids (7-8 yrs old) we will try to keep entertained with a shallow end splash ball until they can handle the full length version of the game.  We welcome any and all kids whether its for one day/one week/one month or the whole summer!

July 31st thru August 31st

Monday through Thursday          8:30  – 10AM           10U/12U/14U/18&U


Every week, games are scheduled for each age group during the block of times identified in the attached schedule. The game schedule is subject to change but generally the games are on the following days.

10&U  Coed/Girls             Fridays  8am – 12noon (some Sat mornings)          Starting August 4th

12&U  Coed/Girls             Fridays  8am – 12noon (some Sat mornings)          Starting August 4th

14&U  Coed/Girls             Tues/Thurs  nights, some Sat/Sun mornings         Starting August 5th

18&U  Coed/Girls             Tues/Thurs  nights, some Sat/Sun mornings         Starting August 5th

Basic League Game Schedules and other info is available online at (go to the bottom calendar and scroll over to August) To allow flexibility for new clubs to participate, specific games and times are scheduled about a week in advance.

We encourage all kids, if they want to play more, to show up for the other games in their age group so if a team is short players they may get a chance to play. Particularly, the south end teams are just getting started and lots of kids are needed to fill out their games.  Kids who are younger and want to “play up” to 12&U, 14&U or 18&U are free to do so also (providing space is available).  I would encourage 10 yr olds to play both 10 and 12&U games, as well as 11-12 yr olds to play 14&U games and 13-14 yr olds to play 18&U games.


Nothing is more exciting and fun as championship week. The closest examples might be March Madness and the Super Bowl. All the league teams compete to determine each age group and girls champion. Sunday through Tuesday are the initial tournament style games that trim 8 or more teams down to 2 in each division. Wednesday & Thursday nights are the Finals that determine the Champions.  This is our most important week so if at all possible do not miss this week!    Final Awards Dinner is targeted for Sunday, September 10th from 5 – 7PM

15&Over  Coed                 Sunday, August 27th                        4-9 PM

12&U  Coed                        Monday, August 28th                       8am – 1 PM

14&U  Coed                        Monday, August 28th                          4-9 PM

10&U  Coed                        Tuesday, August 29th                      8am – 1 PM

12/14/15+ Girls                  Tuesday, August 29th                      4-9 PM

Girls Finals                         Wednesday, August 30th                5-9 PM

Coed Finals                         Thursday, August 31st                    4-8 PM


Doc Zimmer, who has coached local summer teams and collegiate teams for the past 35 years is the head coach.  Lakeridge Alumni and all around awesome people Jillian Chong and Nate Burdick are potential assistant coaches.  Our senior players Tim Wetzel, Naftali Katsman and Eli Ginden may help coach as well if we are shorthanded.  Doc is available 24/7 if you have any questions, need information or help.


Non-members are welcome, and encouraged to join in the fun on a space available basis. WE REALLY NEED as many of your friends from school, sport teams or the neighborhood to help  supplement all of our teams.


$60 per participant or $80 per non-member participant. Optionally, $30/40 per week for member/non-member, and/or $150/200 for 3 or more family members for the season.  Sign up/pay in the pool office please.  Everyone is welcome to come try it out for a few days or if you have a hardship please contact me. Again we are looking for all the kids we can get from 1 day to all season.  For more information please call/email Doc Zimmer at 206-999-6624 or


Adults are encouraged to join in at any of the practices or special events. The biggest help we could use from the parents is providing rides for the kids to the away games. If you could drive anyone else, please don’t hesitate to let people know.  We would like to have a parent Rep volunteer to help coordinate the team activities and work with the pool board if someone is so inclined.  Each year we also look for one parent to represent our club on the SSSL Water Polo Board. Very little time is required if you are interested.


I want the kids to have fun while learning to play a team sport and get some exercise. I encourage all the kids and parents to participate as much as they want. I am very open to adding some group activities after practices or games if there is enough interest as well.  My main reason for doing this is to support the kids who have a great time playing, so whatever I can do to help that happen, I’m up for. And, as much as I would love to have everyone around the entire season I expect that most kids will miss 1-2 weeks due to vacations or camp. If at all possible, however, I would like everyone to be available championship week.

Please call or email me anytime if you have any questions or need some information.

Thanks!   Doc

Doc Zimmer                         206-999-6624 cell      email:

Jillian Chong                        206-524-9120  hm     email: