Safety Of & For Lap Lane Swimmers

Swimmers getting into a lane already occupied by a swimmer(s) MUST pay attention to what that swimmer(s) is doing.  Please do not just get in and start swimming, as collisions may occur.  The lap swimmer already in the water is rarely looking forward and directly in front–that’s not a natural head position, so they don’t always see someone coming until it’s nearly too late.

Should one of those collisions ever happen, it could cause someone to get badly hurt.  Some swimmers are quite fast, and colliding with one would not be pretty for either person – going ‘head to head’, so to speak, with someone could cause some damage. Also, serious injuries could occur when kids (and adults!) cross lap lanes while people are lap swimming.

To help with these safety concerns, please abide by normal lap lane rules and courtesies:

1)  Two swimmers may split the lane; 3 or more must circle swim (swim on the right side–down on the right; back on the right).

2)  If you are the second or third swimmer entering the lane, DO NOT assume that the swimmer(s) already in the lane see you.  Be sure to let them know if you want to split the lane (assuming you are the second one entering), or they are aware that circle swimming needs to start (if you are the 3rd swimmer entering the lane).

3)  Always allow a faster swimmer to pass.  If you hit the end of the lane first, slide over to one corner and allow the faster swimmer to pass.


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