Water Polo 2014 Recap

Thanks to all the parents and kids this year for making 2014 our best water polo season ever.



We were shorthanded but still managed to win two games (Innis Arden and Sand Point), tie View Ridge with one loss to Blue Ridge. We tied for 2nd – we lost out on goals allowed differential otherwise we would have been in the final championship game.  All we needed was a few more players.  Aarrghh!!    Overall we finished third in the League.  Great job by all the 10&Us!


We won a great close/come from behind first game with Wedgwood 9-8 then lost to a very good View Ridge team.  Overall we placed 4th in the league.  When everyone was there we finally had a pretty darn good team.


We lost our first game to Wedgwood and then lost another to Blue Ridge to finish 7th overall in the League.  Not bad for a very young (all 11-13 yr olds) team.  Although very inexperienced, this group might have had the most fun this year.  Their first win ever came against Marine Hills at Lakeridge on Aug 19th and they crushed them.  Congrats!


We had over 30 kids participate and had a lot of fun.  We had more age group teams this year than ever and it was the first time we entered more than one team in the championships. All this was a good sign of growth.  For the most part, the kids had a great time and most will come back next year.  Jillian Chong was a great addition to our coaching staff bringing another level to our program.  All in all our season was great!!  We just needed more players to fill out our existing teams, field a 15+ team and some girls’ teams as well.


Well virtually the same schedule is planned except we will have one more week in our season.  The championships will be the final week just prior to Labor Day so please plan accordingly.  We have around 8 kids, 13-16 yrs old, that say they are going to play next year so we should be fielding a 15+ team.  We also have about eight 12&U girls so we are looking to field a 12&U girls team and will work to field 14 & 15+ girls teams as well  Although most girls don’t mind playing with the boys I definitely want to give them an option.  What we still need is to double our numbers to make this happen so please help recruit during the school year.  I will definitely be back and I told Jillian she has to come back (although her schedule is unknown at this time).  Remember we are looking for all kids 8-18 (younger kids are welcome but it is usually pretty tough on them to stay afloat in our pool).  We will start up with some preseason practices and signup in July and then start regular season practices and games from about Aug 2nd to Sept 3rd.  I will send out a preliminary Info sheet in the next week or so if anyone wants to distribute it out to anyone, friends or the kids’ sports teams.   With that said I encourage all the kids if they like water polo to join a swim team and get stronger in the water.  Keep working the legs (eggbeater) as well!!  I will also send out some info on some year round water polo clubs and high school teams in the Seattle area if any of you are interested.

With that, my final thanks to everyone for all the support and help this year – the kids had a great time participating this year.  And next year should be better than ever!

Thanks, Doc