General Membership Meeting

Owners attend our Annual General Membership Meeting, held by March 1st each year.

We review and approve minutes from the previous year, vote in new board members, and review and pass the annual budget.

Dues are decided upon and the Spring News & Dues Invoice gets sent in mid-March.

2017 Board of Trustees: President Jim Peterson, VP Russ Woodruff, Treasurer Leslie Lowe, Secretary Katie Hubert; Members At Large: Sheryl Ann Aaker, Emma Hong, Wendy Sweeney, Soloman Atsebha, and Greg Leavitt.

Annual Season Opening Day typically is Mother’s Day, with the pool remaining open through mid-September.


Club Bylaws



The purposes and objectives for which this club is formed are to promote the health and general welfare of its members and particularly the children of its members, and among other things to provide a swimming pool and other recreational facilities for the members and the children of said members, together with such incidental objectives as are appropriate in the conduct of the activities set forth herein and in the Articles of Incorporation, said Club to be located in Lakeridge, Seattle, 98178, County of King, State of Washington.


  1. The Board of Trustees shall consist of nine active members in good standing. Three trustees shall be elected annually to replace retiring trustees, with their term of office being three years. Trustees shall be elected and qualified at a regular annual membership meeting; vacancies shall be filled by the Board of Trustees. The term of each new trustee shall commence immediately after their election.
  2. A member of the Board of Trustees shall forfeit their office if they have failed to attend, without being excused, four regular meetings of the Board in a calendar year. Such removal can be accomplished at any regularly called meeting of the Board in which the offending trustee has been specifically notified (no less than 10 days prior to meeting) of the purpose of the removal. Removal requires a majority of the total Board (5 or more).
  3. A member of the Board of Trustees may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of those in attendance at a regular called meeting of the membership.
  4. No trustee shall be paid for their services or materials furnished to the Club, except for out-of-pocket expenses authorized by the Board, unless approved by a majority of the membership.


They shall:

  1. At their first meeting after the annual meeting elect from among their number a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. They may also elect an assistant Secretary and Treasurer who need not be members of the Board. All officers and any employee who handles funds of this Club may be bonded at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.
  2. Elect members and accept resignations of members.
  3. Create such committees other than standing committees, as they deem necessary.
  4. Designate depository banks and execute such instructions as are required by the banks, provided, however, that one officer must sign all checks or other instruments for payment of monies.
  5. Cause the books of account to be examined annually by an audit committee independent of the Board, whose report shall be available to the membership.
  6. Have the power to borrow or pledge the credit of the Club with the approval of the majority of the Trustees attending the board meeting.
  7. Appoint a pool manager and such other employees as shall be required, and designate the compensation therefore.
  8. Exercise all corporate powers which are not inconsistent with the other provisions contained in these Bylaws.


  1. The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be elected by the Board of Trustees from their number at their first meeting held after the annual meeting of the membership. They shall serve a term of one year, or until their successors are elected and qualified.
  2. The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and of the Board. He shall be the administrative officer and appoint all standing committee members, subject to the approval of the Board, and be an ex-officio member of all committees.
  3. The Vice President shall serve in the absence of the President, and during such time shall have all his duties and powers. He shall act under the direction of the President and as chairman of the Finance Committee, and shall be ex-officio member of all committees.
  4. The Secretary shall keep the minutes, attend to the correspondence, send out all notices of meetings, and perform such other duties as fixed by the Board.
  5. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the monies and books of account, payment of all bills and perform such other duties as fixed by the Board.
  6. The Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer shall perform such duties as shall be assigned to them by the Secretary and Treasurer of the Board.


The following standing committees shall be of such number as shall hereafter be fixed by the Board of Trustees.

  1. FINANCE. The finance committee shall prepare the annual budget for the Club and supervise all financial transactions. In case of any mortgaging of the Club property after the organization of the Club is completed, or in the sale, rental, or other disposition of any of the assets of the Club, Finance Committee shall bring in a report to the Board of Trustees before the Board of Trustees acts upon such matter.
  2. FACILITIES. The Facilities Committee shall have the supervision over, and the improvement and maintenance of the building or buildings, of the pool or pools, grounds, landscaping and equipment of the Club.
  3. NOMINATING. The Nominating Committee shall consist, unless otherwise fixed by the Board of Trustees, of three members who shall report to the annual meeting of the members of the Club its recommendations for the Trustees to be elected at that meeting. The reports of the Nominating Committee shall be included in the Annual Meeting notice. Candidates may also be nominated by members of the Club in good standing at the annual membership meeting.


  1. Membership will be defined as up to two adults and their dependent children. Membership does not include other adults, grandparents, or unrelated or non-dependent children living in the home.
    a) All members must reside in the same household with the exception of separate parents who have dependent children in common.
  2. The Board of Trustees shall determine and fix the number of membership certificates from time to time, not to exceed 300.
  3. The fee for a membership shall be determined by the Board of Trustees and may be changed from time to time.
  4. No person otherwise qualified for membership shall be denied membership because of race, creed, color, national origin, gender identity or sexual orientation.
  5. Any member pursuant to notice and hearing may be suspended for a period of time not exceeding three months, by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Board of Trustees present at the meeting, or may be expelled by a vote of three-fourths of the entire membership of the Board, who must: however, have attended a meeting held for the purpose. Cause for suspension or expulsion shall be violation of the Bylaws or rules of the Club or conduct unbecoming a lady or gentleman. But in no event shall a member be expelled because of race, creed, color, national origin, gender identity or sexual orientation.
  6. The Board may empower its President, Vice-President, Chairman of the Facilities Committee, General Manager, or any responsible employee of the Club to suspend pool privileges, for good cause, to a member for a period not exceeding seven days. Such suspension shall be reported in writing to the President within twenty-four hours thereafter. Any member suspended under the provisions of this paragraph shall be considered not in good standing.
  7. Membership in this Club shall be transferable upon approval of the Board of Trustees, with the transfer fee established by the Board of Trustees, with such option, terms, and conditions as set forth below:
    a) In the event that an active member wishes to transfer, sell or rent his membership, the transferring member shall notify the Board of Trustees in writing or by email of his desire to do so and must transfer the membership through the Club.
    b) The transferor shall pay all dues, charges and liabilities incurred by himself, his family, or guests until the membership is sold and transfer accepted by the Board of Trustees.
    c) Methods of Transfer:
    i. Private Purchase
    (a) The value of the membership may be fixed by the transferor and sold to any willing purchaser they find.
    (b) Upon completion of the sale, the transferor or new purchaser pays the transfer fee to the Club.
    ii.Wait-List Purchase
    (a) The membership is sold by the Club to a purchaser, when available, obtained from the Club Wait List.
    (b) Upon completion of the sale, the Club pays the transfer fee to the transferor.
    (c) Payment by the club shall be made to the transferor after payment has been received from the purchaser.
    iii. Rental
    (a) Members wishing to maintain ownership of their membership and sublet it to a third party for a full or partial season may do so.
    (b) Upon completion of the sublet, the transferor or new renter shall pay the transfer fee to the Club.
    (c) Rental members shall be afforded all member privileges, save voting, and be bound by all rules and policies of the Club.
    d) Upon the death of an active member, the membership may be transferred to the surviving spouse and/or a member of the immediate family upon notice to the Club.
    8. The Board shall have the right to offer up to 25 Associate Memberships. These memberships will have no voting or ownership rights, but may be used for Honorary, Senior, Hardship or other such uses as the Board may determine is necessary and prudent.
    a) A Senior Membership is defined as up to two adults; a member of good standing for ten or more years; age 60 or over; no children left at home under age of eighteen, and pays 1/2 of the annual dues and fees.
    b) A Senior Member elected to serve on the Board of Trustees shall be granted board meeting voting privileges.


  1. All members in good standing shall be accorded equal privileges in the facilities and shall be subject to the same rules and regulations in the use thereof. Such rules shall be available in the pool office and on the Club website(s).
  2. The Board may extend the privileges of the facilities to any person upon terms as it shall fix, provided; however, that if requested in writing, signed by ten percent of the members, the Board must show to the satisfaction of the majority of the members present, that the action was in the best interests of the Club. Such request by the members may be made at a regular meeting of the members. At such time, if a majority of the members do not ratify the action of the Board in extending the privileges so granted are then revoked.
  3. Property broken or damaged by a member or guest shall be the responsibility of the member, who is also responsible for the acts and conduct of their guests.
  4. The Club shall not be responsible to any member or guests for any loss or damage to property or for any injury resulting from accident on the premises.


  1. Dues, fees, deposits, and assessments shall be sufficient to provide for the expenses of operation, maintenance, and improvement of the property and shall be paid as specified by the Board of Trustees.
  2. The amount of dues and assessments shall be established at the annual membership meeting as provided in Article IX, Paragraph 1.
  3. No portion of the dues shall be refunded or remitted.
  4. No active member shall use the facilities of the Club until all dues are paid.
  5. In the event any member is delinquent in payment of dues or other indebtedness to the Club, for a period of 15 days or June 1, whichever shall come first, the member may be subject to forfeiture of membership by majority vote of the Board at a regular called meeting in which the offending member has been specifically notified (no less than 10 days prior to the meeting) of the purpose of the meeting. The forfeited membership shall revert to the Club including all incidents of ownership.
  6. Members shall be required to pay all charges and liabilities incurred by them, their family members, and their guests.
  7. The Club shall have a lien upon the membership certificate or any property of a member, which it may have in its custody, for the amount of any indebtedness a member may owe to the Club.
  8. The Board of Trustees shall establish such fees as are reasonable for the transferring of membership.


  1. The amount of the guest fee(s) will be reviewed annually and set by the Board. It is understood that all visitors must be accompanied by a member at all times during their visit.
  2. All “summer guests” will pay a set one-time fee for full summer use. If summer guests prefer to pay the daily guest rate, they may do so at their discretion. However, the daily rate will not be counted toward the set fee summer rate if the guest should change their mind at some point during the summer. The amount of the one-time summer guest fee will be reviewed annually and set by the Board.
  3. A guest shall be defined as anyone who is not an adult member or a dependent child of an adult member.


  1. At such time as shall be fixed by the Board of Trustees but not later than the first day of March of each year, the Club shall hold its annual membership meeting for the purposes of electing trustees, examining the reports of officers, approving the budget, and setting the annual dues for the current calendar year, and for such other business as may properly come before it.
  2. Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Board of Trustees upon such notice as it shall deem reasonable. Special meetings may also be called, upon request in writing of ten percent of the active members in good standing. Such written request shall be filed with the Secretary, who shall call said meeting within thirty days after the time of filing the request. Notice of such special meeting shall set forth the business for which the meeting is called.
  3. Notice of annual meetings shall be mailed to the members at least 15 days prior to the date thereof. The notice shall include the names for candidacy nominated by the Nominating committee. Notices may be sent to the last known address of the members.
  4. Only active members in good standing may vote. Each active member shall be entitled to one vote. In the absence of the owner, membership certificates may be represented by the other adult party in the household, provided the other adult household member is present at the meeting.
  5. The form of voting shall be determined by the President with the approval of the meeting, except that ten active members may at any time demand a roll call.
  6. A quorum shall consist of twenty-five active members in good standing.
  7. Parliamentary procedure for all meetings shall be in accordance with Roberts’ Rules of Order, as amended.


  1. The board shall convene immediately after the annual meeting of the membership or as soon as practicable to establish time and place of its first regular meeting.
  2. The Board shall hold its regular meetings as fixed by resolution.
  3. Special board meetings shall be held upon call of the President or upon the request of two Trustees filed with the Secretary who shall call the meeting not later than five days from the date of the request.
  4. Notice of the meetings shall be given in any way fixed by the Board, including the telephone.
  5. Five Trustees shall constitute a quorum at any board meeting and a quorum shall be present to constitute an official Board meeting.


The smoking policy will be established by the Board as to whether or not a designated area will be chosen.


Amendment of these Bylaws may be made at either an annual membership meeting or special membership meeting called for that purpose, by two-thirds majority of a quorum of the active membership in good standing, provided that the notice for said meeting sets forth the proposed Bylaw change.