How to Join



What’s the likelihood that I’ll get in any time soon?
If you get on the wait list now you’ll most likely get an offer to join next summer. Email invitations to join get sent in late April and early May as members let us know that they won’t be returning.

Please fill out a Waitlist_Application and mail it with your $50 deposit to PO Box 78647, Seattle, 98178
Email for details or if you need more information.

What are the costs involved to join the pool?

      There’s a one-time joining fee of $500 and annual dues of $825, with some opportunities to earn guest passes by working at our spring work parties.

     When you purchase a membership, you receive 10 guest passes (a $60 value) as a thank you for joining.

To Purchase a Membership
One-Time Membership Fee $500.00
2018 Membership Dues $825.00
TOTAL: $1,325.00
To Rent a Membership
2018 Membership Dues $825.00
Transfer Fee $150.00
TOTAL: $975.00
I have a bunch of questions – is there somebody who can answer them for me?
      Call our pool manager, Sue at (206) 551-9440, or send us an email at
Swim Team information available on, our team website.
(Updated 3/18)

General Membership Meeting

Owners attend our Annual General Membership Meeting, held by March 1st each year.

We review and approve minutes from the previous year, vote in new board members, and review and pass the annual budget.

Dues are decided upon and the Spring News & Dues Invoice gets sent in mid-March.

2017 Board of Trustees: President Jim Peterson, VP Russ Woodruff, Treasurer Leslie Lowe, Secretary Katie Hubert; Members At Large: Sheryl Ann Aaker, Emma Hong, Wendy Sweeney, Soloman Atsebha, and Greg Leavitt.

Annual Season Opening Day typically is Mother’s Day, with the pool remaining open through mid-September.