Looking Forward to 2018

Summer Planning for Returning Members

General Membership Meeting
Our annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 27, 2018. Mark your calendar to come. Each attending family receives 5 guest passes.

Board Positions
Every year three board positions become open, with a 3-year commitment. Please consider running for the board. Meetings are once per month and usually last about 1.5 hours.

Membership 2018 Renewal Timeline & Payment of Dues
Renewal invoices will be sent mid-March. Your form becomes your emergency info sheet, so must be returned with your dues check.
1. Early pay will run from April 1 through April 7, 2018 and earns 10 guest passes.
2. Payments April 8-14 are on time, with no guest passes earned.
3. Dues are late with a $50 late fee added after April 14.

Not Renewing?
As soon as you are certain of your plans, let us know.
1. Sell to Wait-List – No-muss, no fuss & we pay you $150
2. Sell on Your Own – Know someone who wants a membership? We’ll walk you through the steps.
3. Rent or Sublet – For the whole season or a minimum of one month.

Guest Passes
Are earned by attending the general meeting (5), paying early (10) or working at fall or spring work parties (10 for every 4 hours worked, ages 14 & up).

Work Parties
September 17, 2017, 10am-2pm – Help put away furniture & clean grills.
April/May, 2018 – Dates TBD

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Opening Day 2018
Sunday (Mother’s Day) May 13, 2018


Water Polo – more details…

FAQs about Water Polo

Q: How does water polo work for different genders?

A: It’s similar to swim team rules, however there are both girls and “coed” teams competing. The coed groups are mostly boys but some girls want to play with the guys and/or are needed to fill out teams. Mostly we want to give everyone an opportunity to play.

Q: What age kids can play?

A: Teams are usually:

8&U coed only (they play width-wise and with a reduced # of players), 10&U (coed mostly), 12&U,  14&U and  18&U.

Q: My swimmer has a group of friends that are all interested – but what happens if there aren’t enough interested players to make a whole team?

A: One of the great things is that a club can participate even if they have just one age group team. We don’t have to field all age groups. Only a few of the SSWPL clubs have 8U teams, about half have 10U, all have 12 and 14s and most have 18s. The “meets” are mostly age groups meets in the South End clubs (i.e. Tuesday & Thursday one pool hosts all the 14U and 18U games, Friday or Saturday morning 10U and 12U games are played a different pool).

Q: What’s the time commitment? When are games over for the season?

A: We’ll start up with some ‘I’m interested’ practices during the swim team season, then the water polo season starts in early August. The last week of competition is the Sunday thru Thursday prior to Labor Day weekend, when all the age groups play off in a tournament style format.

Q: How many kids need to show up to make this all work?

A: The number of kids needed is variable.  We understand that August can be a tough month with vacations, school coming up, etc. The biggest clubs have 50+ kids participating.  Half have between 20-50, but our league is basically set up where we offer some great flexibility.  Our club could participate with as little as 5-10 players or we could combine with another pool.  Teams are encouraged to combine, even for just a few age groups, so they can field some more age groups.

Q: My child has some friends who would like to play, but they don’t belong to LSC – what about them?

A: Eligibility-wise it is legal to have anyone participate*, so we could have all of Renton/South Seattle play for us if we wanted.

(* Players are excluded if they are a member of another SSSL Club with a water polo program)

For more details, check

SSWPL website http://seattlesummerwaterpolo.org/ for more info.