How to Join



What’s the likelihood that I’ll get in any time soon?
There’s still a really good chance that if you get on the wait list now you’ll get an offer to join next summer. Emails go out during April and into May as members let us know that they won’t be returning.

Please fill out a Waitlist_Application for consideration for next year. Email

What are the costs involved to join the pool?

      There’s a one-time joining fee of $500 and annual dues of $825, with some opportunities to earn guest passes by working at our spring work parties.

     When you purchase a membership, you receive 10 guest passes (a $60 value) as a thank you for joining.

To Purchase a Membership
One-Time Membership Fee $500.00
2017 Membership Dues $825.00
TOTAL: $1,325.00
To Rent a Membership
2017 Membership Dues $825.00
Transfer Fee $150.00
TOTAL: $975.00
I have a bunch of questions – is there somebody who can answer them for me?
      Call our pool manager, Sue at (206) 551-9440.
Swim Team information available on, our team website.
Email us at
(Updated 8/17)


Safety & Security
  Please follow all pool rules listed in our Spring Newsletter and throughout this blog.
In order to make LSC both a safe and fun place for everyone, please make sure your family and guests adhere to all, and especially the following rules:

1. Do not leave valuables in locker rooms – Take your bags with you. There are no locks (or lockers) in the changing rooms.

2. Do not leave anything visible in your car – If you have bags, jackets or other items, leave them at home or lock them in your trunk before you head to the pool.

3. No Glass or Alcohol – Please help us prevent any accidents by leaving all glass containers at home. No wine or beer bottles, as we are not a licensed liquor facility and bringing alcohol to the pool puts the club at a huge liability.

4. Under-age children – Please plan to stay at the pool with your kids unless they are age 12 or older or with an older (18+ and responsible) teen babysitter/helper/sibling.

5. Diaper Policy – All children who wear diapers or who are almost potty trained must wear a washable, elastic-leg swim diaper over a disposable swim diaper before entering either pool. When checking in, the parent must affirm that the child will wear an approved swim diaper over a disposable swim diaper before entering the water and will receive a special wristband. Members, please be sure to let your guests know of this policy. Assorted sizes and colors of swim diapers are available for purchase in the office for $10.00.