Join the Seal Team!

Rhoda Green, certified PADI instructor, offers scuba programs at LSC. There are two types of youth programs, as well as opportunities for adults to become fully certified in scuba.

Discover Scuba is PADI’s program that allows those interested in scuba diving to experience what it’s like to dive by completing some basic training and completing one or more dives under the close, direct supervision of a professional.

Seal Team introduces knowledge and skills which are combined with entertaining pool games that develop diver ability, confidence and comfort including:

* Shallow water entry

* Don and adjust equipment

* Underwater breathing & swimming

* Air gauge & air supply

* Ear clearing (equalizing)

* Hand signals (OK, Up, Down, I Have a Problem, Stop)

* Ascent

* Clearing mask and regulator

and answer questions such as:

* What is the most important safety rule for scuba diving?

* How do you keep your ears comfortable while scuba diving?

* How do you know how much air is left in your scuba tank?

The following website explains the whole program in more detail:

Rhoda takes her students from the very basics to beyond, using a combination of PADI materials and her own experiences and knowledge. She goes over every skill repeatedly until the student has fully mastered it. Learning how to scuba has never been so fun!